Stage 3: Re-engage
February 9, 2017
Stage 1: Recognise
February 11, 2017
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Stage 2: Re-awaken

One of the key questions I think we all need to ask ourselves when committing to become more aware, to re-awaken to our inherent perspective is what do we have to relinquish or let die in order to experience this new perspective? To fully live, what needs to die within you? If we are to stop sleep walking through life, then we need to be willing to stop relying on any outmoded beliefs and assumptions, hanging onto destructive emotions, living in the past and/or future and habits of mind and body.  We need to create a way, a medium for not taking life a face value, not be a surface creature inhabiting the illusory surfaces of life.  Whatever it is, we need to make the journey easier by dropping the baggage that weighs us down and re-perceive the world.

If you know what the baggage is, then you’re already ahead and can work on letting go of it, at least consciously. If you don’t then its matter of putting the question out there whenever you can and being open to your intuition of what is important to let go. Re-awaken is the second step in the process of becoming more alive and appreciative of one’s world. While it can refer to an outcome, here I am referring to it as both an aspiration and a process that leads to the latter steps in connection, Re-engage and Restore. To help you more consistently re-awaken to the potential of deeper connection, then you need to:

  1. Ritualise your particular way of connecting in order to empty and be fulfilled;
  2. Release your mental or emotional baggage, including limiting beliefs, expectations or attitudes;
  3. Refocus your attention with discipline, honesty and depth perception.

At a practical level, Re-awaken is what happens (hopefully) during the initial stage of a Nature session. In ritualising your intention to re-awaken, you create a process and medium to let go of everything outside of the space of presence you are creating. To release is to non-judgmentally, compassionately engage your world in each moment in order to minimise the ego filter that interprets all experience.

By releasing it will be easier to refocus on the outer and inner worlds and intuit what is important to you in the present moment. Reawakening unfolds in its own time, for some it will take longer but in persisting with the process, you will be able to fully Re-engage with nature/Self and Restore your Being into a more self-aware consciousness in daily living.eagle

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