Thank you Peter for providing these opportunities to deepen a spirit of mindfulness. The walks nourish a quiet centredness, an awareness of and connection to the spirit of life flowing through the whole of creation. The activities are gifts that can be used during the week to expand and deepen the sense of oneness and peace with all that exists. I am so grateful Peter for the gift you have of deep connection to the Divine in nature and for your deep desire to share this with others. It is one of the most precious gifts of my life. Thank you.

Yvonne Parker


Truly a gentle and sacred experience, connecting to nature and the messages that nature provides uniquely for each of us at any particular moment. Peter has a wealth of experience, which he shares generously and sensitively . The activities during the walk enhance the ‘journey’ within as well as the external ‘journey’ through this beautiful and inviting landscape – full of surprises!
Ann O.


In my world I’m so busy that I find it hard to take actually take any time for myself. And I know that I need to. So the opportunity to be led by Peter White on a what is really a guided tour of some of Nature’s internal and external treasures was a great pleasure. In the first part of the session, in just a short while, I found myself going inwards and finding stillness, clarity and calm. I luxuriated in myself and in nature. In the second half, Peter gently opened my eyes, ears, touch – all my senses – to the beauty and joy of Nature all around. The fact that we were in a special part of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park probably helped too! If you love or enjoy nature and care about your health and spirituality then I encourage you to take this walk into nature with an experienced and intuitive guide like Peter. You will bask in the afterglow. Thank you, Peter
Julian Crawford

Wentworth Falls, EcoSteps Corporate Sustainability

On NatureConnect sessions with Peter, I experience something unique. It’s very different from my usual bush walks, as much a walk into my inner world as it is a walk in the beauty of nature. With his gentle guidance and encouragement, I begin to really perceive what is around me by truly being present in the moment. Peter’s passion and his authentic approach for facilitating connection and inner peace is powerful. He understands the various dimensions of human-nature connection – emotional, spiritual, physical, mental – and his guidance, for me, is an invaluable gift to receive.

Wentworth Falls

Though I’ve attended the NatureConnect sessions only a few times, I am learning through experiencing the walk, how to live more fully as the particular human being I am, connected with all other beings. Trees, water, rock … all become teachers for me, as Peter points out a particular feature or quality of each. I like to be open to receive what is freely given by all I see, hear, touch, smell.  I am enriched more and more by a growing awareness, and a more consistent mindfulness. Thank you Peter!
Carol T.

Windsor, Sisters of the Good Samaritan

Thank you for your guidance on Saturday.  I felt very calm and peaceful after the session. I enjoyed the quiet reflection by the river, watching the movement, listening to the sounds.  I also enjoyed the contemplation and the connecting with the tree. It was a peaceful interlude in a busy world.  It was a reminder that we are only a very small part of the natural world.  By connecting with the natural world we can benefit from the peace and calmness it has to offer. Thank you again.
Susan Ernst

Mosman, Sydney

I thoroughly enjoyed Peter’s connection sessions. By learning to be mindfully aware and more sensitive to my surrounds, I gradually began to see and feel more. It felt like a veil was lifted just by sensing more in the moment and becoming more grounded, physically and mentally, with the earth. Peter has wonderful insight into both nature and the connecting process. I would highly recommend his programs!

Balgowlah, Sydney

Thank you Peter for providing these opportunities in creation to deepen a spirit of mindfulness.   The walks nourish a quiet centredness, an awareness of and connection to the spirit of life flowing through the whole of creation.   The activities are gifts that can be used during the week to expand and deepen the sense of oneness and peace with all that exists. As I have attended over the past ten months I have felt a deeper gratitude for the experience of the walks and your passion in offering the gifts you have discovered in your journey of relationship with Nature and the presence of the Divine within nature.

Lawson - Sisters of the Good Samaritan

Thank you very much Peter for this morning. I love that you have transmuted your justified anger at virtually nil response to climate change into a joyous engagement with nature … your positive vibration and love energy for the earth is having a powerful impact. Loved your tone and the depth behind your words.
Noelene Kelly

Blue Mountains, Noelene Kelly Transformational Coach

The experience of Darwin’s Walk was delightful. Peter’s input and guidance was clear, simple and yet profound. The silence and meditations at various points along the way helped us to connect with nature in a very deep way. The emphasis for the mindfulness instruction was using our breathing as an anchor to bring attention back to the present. It help us become increasingly mindful as we entered a little into the ‘Spacious Presence’. After the walk I remained conscious of a deep stillness and calm within me all the afternoon.
Sister Veronica

Santa Maria Centre

These sessions provided me the opportunity to learn and explore myself and nature, feeling safe and calm as I do this.  I was able to connect at a deeper level and learn mindfulness skills while actually practicing them. I appreciated being guided by Peter to really hone in on an individual tree/flower.  Accepting it, noticing without judgment, being grateful and allowing connection and love to flow. I felt more connected to myself!  I was surprised at the feeling I got when I hugged the tree. (Lol). The sessions were positive for me for the following reasons: 1) required discipline to slow down and go inward, and connect with nature. 2) setting aside the time and space to listen and to get to know my self better, 3) the physical benefits of walking and yoga, 4) gaining a sense of mastery over my mind, 5) a sense of safety. This is the beginning of a new connection ritual and I would definitely recommend to others, and have already done so.

Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains

By participating on one of Peter’s connection sessions over a 10 week term, I learnt the techniques and activities that then allowed me to go out alone to do my regular practice. It really helped me deal with some of my mental challenges at the time and certainly it helped me feel calm and connected. While the activities seemed so simple, there was something profound that arose when I did them. The skills were transferable to the rest of my life and that helped me feel more empowered to better deal with my crap and situations that were getting me down. Its great to be able to get connected whenever I want.

Cremorne, Sydney

This was a new and unique experience for me.  You will enjoy and appreciate being guided through the bush by Peter.  His approach is very gentle and relaxing and expansive and his techniques are geared to more awareness and understanding of the bush and energies around us and the connection with nature was spontaneous and beautiful.  I’m going to join more of Peter’s walks and it is a great way to keep our daily stresses and busy lives at bay.
Sue R.

Leura, Blue Mountains

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