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Experiencing deep connectedness is an essential part of your mental and spiritual wellness. The NatureConnect Program is offered as a face-to-face guided experiential program in natural areas (primarily in Sydney & the Blue Mountains). It can offer you an experience of profound connection with nature and deeper aspects of your psyche by offering perceptual, contemplative and nature-based experiential sessions that nourishes your capacity for mindfulness and experience of inner peace.

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How can NatureConnect Programs help you?

If you have:

  • experienced a deep longing for connection to nature, your deeper nature and the Divine
  • feel overwhelmed by anxiety, sadness and frustration with the Climate Emergency
  • suffered stress, depression and other mental health issues
  • wanted to discover a ritual for well-being and shifting consciousness
  • wanted to learn how to be mindful, especially outdoors
  • enjoyed being in nature and wanted to deepen your awareness
  • searched for greater life meaning
  • been interested in combining nature, exercise and contemplation,

  • then the Program, with its heart-based, immersive and quietening approaches can help you with all of these motivations. Give it a try! Learn more here

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