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This world in turmoil, this Earth being desecrated, this humanity of suffering, indifference and confusion, we live in an age where the collective human voice is singing a discordant song, disharmony rippling to every corner and height of the planet. Ecosystem collapse, massive species extinction, catastrophic climate change, irradiated and controlled people, plastics from food to ocean to plate to stomach, this is no sweet lullaby.

We have never been as interconnected and disconnected at the same time in history. Experiencing deep connectedness is essential for our mental and spiritual wellness and the NatureConnect Program can offer you this.

The NatureConnect Program can offer you an experience of profound connection with nature and deeper aspects of your psyche by offering perceptual, contemplative and nature-based experiential sessions that nourishes:

  • mental resilience
  • psychological groundedness
  • physical health
  • vitality
  • spiritual connection
  • environmental awareness

  • NatureConnect creates the inner and outer spaces that intertwine in a way in which the soul and ego may embrace. Within the embrace lies the seeds of healing and alignment. Through this ritual of depth connection I have been able to deal with my own challenges to penetrate the camouflage of reality and enter into the healing inner spaces of my being. Its a truly healing, grounding experience as many others have experienced over the past decade since I began NatureConnect.

    The NatureConnect Program can help you create a life sustaining practice that enhances your sense of connection and all the benefits this brings. Through regular practice you can experience the mystery and awe of Nature, as captured in the classic poem, Auguries of Innocence:

    To see a World in a Grain of Sand
    And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
    Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour

    William Blake

    NatureConnect is about:

    The Essence of NatureConnect: Release – Reengage – Reconnect

    The Program is offered as a face-to-face guided experiential program in natural areas (primarily in Sydney & the Blue Mountains). Workshops and on-line experiential sessions are being developed at present.

    It can help you to more effectively cope with mental health challenges by cultivating mindfulness, deep perception and heart-based approaches. Through the cultivation of a loving, compassionate and contemplative ritual, practiced every week or more frequently, you will develop a mastery of the essential life skills of mindfulness, compassion, reflection, wisdom and higher perspective taking that can be used in your daily living.

    How can NatureConnect help you?

    If you have:

  • experienced a deep longing for connection
  • suffered stress and other mental health issues
  • wanted to discover a ritual for well-being and shifting consciousness
  • wanted to learn how to be mindful, especially outdoors
  • enjoyed being in nature and wanted to deepen your awareness
  • searched for greater life meaning
  • been interested in combining nature, exercise and contemplation,

  • then the Program can help you. Give it a try!


    Here are some simple things you can do on your next walk to deepen your sense of connectedness

    “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

    Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk, spiritual leader & peace activist

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