NatureConnect Programs

What are the aims of the NatureConnect Programs?

The overall purpose of the Program is to nourish your inner journey towards wholeness. Your wholeness is a conscious journey towards a harmonious state of being in which you acknowledge and deal with the scarring, the shunned, the painful parts of your life and let the healing and exploring shape a more harmonious approach to living.

In your journey to wholeness you are becoming more conscious of the inner and outer forces that fragment your thinking, your sense of self, and move towards overcoming them. These forces may be addiction or inadequacy or fear or needing to conform or trauma but they are generally pressures to act in some way that is contrary to your authenticity, your highest potential.

Wholeness never ends even when you live in harmony because we are always becoming more than what we are and can conceive. For those of us on this journey it it is a day-to-day process of persevering with practices that nourish the becoming and being of our wholeness.

The graphic here provides an overview of this journey and outcome of your longing for wholeness. I have written a blog about my reflections upon my journey to wholeness that may help you understand its importance. In essence, it is a journey of self-transformation towards the consciousness of oneness with our deeper Self, spirit and the Divine.

With the qualities of wholeness in mind (the branches of the tree graphic), the aims of the NatureConnect Program are to help you:

  • Experience a profound sense of connection with nature & spirit;
  • Become proficient in mindfulness and other contemplative practices;
  • Experience an expanded sense of self;
  • Effectively cope with stress and other mental health challenges;
  • Realise the fragmented, distracted mental states that dominate our normal consciousness
  • Be empowered to control your own consciousness and responses to inner and global issues and challenges
  • Expand awareness of and love for the natural world which you are an integral part of.

  • The face-to-face NatureConnect Program is undertaken in natural places - wild and cultivated. They are held in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney where I live in various bushland tracks through national park and reserves. A new offering starting August will be sessions at the beautiful, historic Everglades House and Gardens at Leura.

    Sessions can be arranged in Sydney or elsewhere wherever you or a group would like to engage my expertise (a natural place near where you live). You will need to contact me via the contact page about upcoming sessions or to arrange a private/ public session

    These programs can help you experience:
  • Profound sense of connectedness with nature, self and spirit;
  • Positive states of mind such as love, joy and peace;
  • Expansive states of consciousness
  • Increased competency of mindfulness;
  • Self-transformation (a broader sense of self);
  • More effective use of your senses;
  • More intimate awareness of natural areas;
  • Mental & physical well-being;
  • Deeper appreciation and respect for nature.

  • The Journey to Wholeness: a nature-based perspective

    Overview of each NatureConnect Session

    Each session I aim to balance flow with structure so that participants experience a smooth transition between each of the activities. My goal is to help participants transition from their normal state of consciousness to a deeper, peaceful one, possibly an altered state of unity consciousness. There is no guarantee of this but if the intent and focus and perseverence is there, then there is a decent chance that it may be realised. While the structure may vary according to the physical and energetic conditions, and the capacities of the participants, sessions are organised in the following way:

  • Duration: 1.5-2.0 hours
  • Purpose: to experience deep nature connection and renewed perspectives of reality and self
  • Potential Outcomes: deep sense of nature connection, expanded awareness & unity consciousness, expanded sense of self, sense of the sacred, deep calm and equanimity, mental clarity and healing, revitalisation, higher perspective towards life and personal issues
  • Approach: Depth connection is approached using the MAPIN Strategy I developed during my PhD research into the consciousness of connection. MAPIN is an acronym for Mindfulness, Affective relations, depth Perception, Imaginal knowing, Nature immersion. The MAPIN approach is a structured exercise that helps participants shift consciousness and experience an expanded sense of self and awareness of nature

  • Most sessions are structured as follows:

  • Introduction & instruction
  • BODY activity
  • Preparatory meditation
  • Mindfulness warming up
  • Mindful walk
  • Perception enhancing activities
  • HEART & MIND connecting activities
  • AFFIRMATION activity
  • Meditation
  • Sharing
  • Return walk