NatureConnect Programs

Offered as either face-to-face or as an online program there are options to suit everyone.
Affiliate programs are also offered with enquiries encouraged.
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Program Overview

All NatureConnect Programs aim to help your personal growth by facilitating profound experiences of connection, stillness and Oneness. It is through these on-going experiences that you can create the freedom and perspectives to effectively deal with life and its challenges.

The Programs are based on contemplative, eco-spiritual and ecopsychological knowledge and practices that allow you to converse and relate with the natural world in a way that opens your awareness to the sacred and spirit within. This deeper awareness is the portal to the spacious Oneness of who you are and the healing and transformation you seek.

This Program is suited for individuals with the courage to acknowledge their vulnerability and patterns, to take responsibility for their lives and to allow their experiences of nature connection to open up new opportunities for growth. The Program can help those wishing to experience deeper connection, improved mental and spiritual wellness and embodied vitality.

NatureConnect Programs – F2F session activities

Each two hour session includes a guided easy walk through beautiful natural areas consisting of perceptual, relational and contemplative activities. It is structured to encourage positive experiences of deep connection with nature in a way that increases inner and outer awareness, deepen states of consciousness and surrender to the present moment. It uses a mind-heart-embodied approach to let go and to let come within the stillness of a deeper consciousness. Some or all of the following activities are practiced during sessions:

  • Mindfulness practice
  • Gratitude practice
  • Perceptual practice
  • Heart-based practices
  • Guided/ solo meditation
  • Qi gong
  • Yoga postures
  • Earthing
  • Energetic alignment
  • Imaginal activities
  • Self-reflection
  • Group sharing

Would you like to open and expand your energy centres (chakras)?

Aligned and coherent energy centres and pathways are crucial for connecting with higher states of consciousness as well as maintaining your health. Get my free guided audio visualisation for opening and aligning your energy centres.

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Online Learning Courses

Short course: Cultivating Inner Stillness – taming the wild mind

Feeling burdened by stress or tiredness of juggling roles and expectations, of the despair of past traumas and anxiety about future happenings? Are you feeling ungrounded or out of sorts with life? Are you willing to take responsibility for your own mental, emotional and spiritual wellness? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is ideal for you.

The skills associated with purposely entering into stillness are essential for de-escalating the feelings of tension, stress and anxiety, as well as reducing actual or potential conflict. By being able to control your attention and inner awareness you can move into a space of centredness and alignment, an empowered position of dispassionate witness self that reduces your reactivity to external stimuli and prevents rushing in to react without restraint or consideration.

The skills associated with purposely entering into stillness are essential for de-escalating the feelings of tension, stress and anxiety, as well as reducing actual or potential conflict. By being able to control your attention and inner awareness you can move into a space of centredness and alignment, an empowered position of dispassionate witness self that reduces your reactivity to or dependency upon the external world.

This course offers a structured, step by step process to help you take a fresh look at your life to identify what separates you from your longing for inner peace. This course is designed to help you cultivate practices that allow you to nourish and sustain inner stillness despite the stress, busyness and challenges in your busy life as well as the threats and turmoil in our world. This course is about equipping you with some basic tools to help you take control of life rather than being held captive to the external events or situations.

As an introduction to the much more intensive course, Connecting to your Wholeness, this course introduces the participant to the foundational NatureConnect practices of mindfulness and gratitude within a nature-based context. It is an easy to follow, evidence-based program, simply presented based on the latest research and insights of mindful and gratitude practice in natural places that will help illuminate your path to inner stillness and strengthen your inner resilience.

Course review

by Yvonne Parker, Wollongong, Australia June 2020

“The text was easy to read without being dull. Its flowing style kept me focused and it nourished what I had already learnt from Peter during face-to-face walking sessions. Sometimes I felt the topics in each section were a little repetitive but this was a good way of “revising” what had already been taught. Each topic built on the one before it and so each section was a valuable teaching, reinforcing and depthing of important facets in the cultivating of inner stillness. The activities, especially the recordings were a valuable gift for the ongoing journey of walking mindfully in nature and in everyday life.

Thank you Peter for your perseverance in writing this course, for the sharing of the rich fruits of your own experience of this journey, and for your passion in desiring to share this with many others.”

Intensive course: Unfolding your Unbroken Wholeness

This 9 week Program for Wholeness offers a comprehensive program that cultivates your capacity to unfold and reveal your inherent wholeness. You will learn about scientific and spiritual ideas and interpretations that provide insights to reveal what wisdom/ spiritual leaders have spoken about for thousands of years.

This course offers knowledge in an easy to read and understand format backed by a range of contemplative, perceptual and reflective practices that will help you connect with deeper aspects of your being and with the natural world. This Program is based on my NatureConnect strategy developed during my PhD research as well as my life experience of spiritual curiousity and evolution.

Becoming aware of your wholeness, the interconnectedness and Oneness of every reality requires recognising your inherent undivided, evolving spiritual nature and the using the power of your consciousness. By learning to cultivate deep connectedness, groundedness and gratitude regularly in your daily life, you can more positively deal with your inner challenges and the upheaval in our collective world. In your journey to wholeness you are becoming more conscious of the inner and outer forces that fragment your thinking, your sense of self, and move towards overcoming them.

Wholeness practice as a ritual for transformation is a constantly unfolding process of stillness, surrender and acceptance. In learning to be, you can enter into the consciousness of becoming whole. For those of us on this journey it it is a day-to-day process of persevering with practices that nourish the becoming and being of our wholeness.

Face to Face

Face to Face Program

NatureConnect Sessions are currently on hold. They are generally held weekly on Sydney’s lower north shore. These sessions are around 2 hours long and held in easy to walk, natural bushland sites easily accessible to transport. They are designed to help participants create the inner and outer space to self-reflect and ground their being into Earth and spirit. A range of contemplative and perceptual activities are undertaken to help shift awareness and encourage wonder and love for nature’s places and beings.

Do you own or manage a retreat?

My programs can be conducted in-house as part of an affiliate program in retreats, workshops & corporate health programs

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