My Story

Hi my name is Peter. I created and facilitate the NatureConnect programs. I have degrees in ecology (BSc), sustainability (MSc) and ecopsychology (PhD). I worked in the environmental planning field for around 15 years as a consultant as well as contractor to local and state government bodies. I dipped my toes into activism participating in local (over-development) and state environmental (state forests) campaigns and community activism (advice and assistance to local community groups and organisations).

In 2006 I undertook doctoral research in the field of ecopsychology to understand the experience of deep nature connection and how it could be developed. I developed the MAPIN Strategy for facilitating connection based on mindfulness, deep perception and heart-based engagement. Since graduating with a PhD in 2010, I have written about nature connection, including a book and facilitated numerous private and group nature connection sessions in the Sydney region.

My journey through the landscape of nature connection started, like many people, during childhood. As a child I would spend a lot of free time outdoors, exploring my local bushland, tending to my grandparents garden and playing games in secluded backyard bush. It represented a safe, imaginative and green refuge to play, reflect and explore. This approach of nature-as-sanctuary influenced my decision to study ecology at university and to embark on a environmental career.

As I entered into my middle ages, I began to more consciously seek nature’s healing embrace as a way to experience connection and unburden myself of conflicting thoughts, emotions and feelings. My increasing unease with personal directions and environmental/ social issues, as well as mid-life upheaval, changed my engagement with natural places from a recreational and sanctuary focus to a more psychologically and spiritually oriented engagement. During these troubling times, I turned to nature for connection and solace.

I offer my expertise, perhaps more importantly my passion, for nature connection to people seeking deeper experiences of connection, healing and inner peace in their lives. I bring years of doctoral research and connection practice to offer an authentic, integrated approach to nature connection that offers healing at all levels of your being. I combine scientific, contemplative, imaginal and heart-based techniques and knowledge to offer transformative outcomes. I enjoy seeing my clients let go and become present to the beauty and spirit of natural places. I see them transform from human 'doing' to human 'being'.

My Mission

  • To help clients experience the psychological and spiritual benefits of experiencing connectedness
  • To offer people an eco-therapy approach and practice to effectively deal with stress and other mental health issues
  • To raise awareness of the importance of transpersonal experiences of connection to personal and planetary wellbeing
  • My Message

    NatureConnect Programs offer a renewed perspective towards life and living that helps with increasing life meaning, mental resilience and connectedness to human and other-than-human beings. Through regular practice it can translate the experiences of oneness, compassion and insight into a expanded, wiser sense of self better able to live more fully in the moment.