NatureConnect Programs

What are the aims of the NatureConnect Programs?

The aims of the NatureConnect Programs are to help you:

  • Experience a profound sense of connection with nature & spirit;
  • Become proficient in mindfulness and other contemplative practices;
  • Experience an expanded sense of self;
  • Effectively cope with stress and other mental health challenges;
  • Expand awareness of the natural world.

  • These sessions are undertaken in natural places. They are held in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney or in Sydney wherever you or a group would like to engage my expertise (a natural place near where you live). You will need to contact me via the contact page about upcoming sessions or to arrange a private/ public session

    These programs can help you experience:
  • Profound sense of connectedness with nature, self and spirit;
  • Positive states of mind such as love, joy and peace;
  • Increased competency of mindfulness;
  • Self-transformation (a broader sense of self);
  • More effective use of your senses;
  • More intimate awareness of natural areas;
  • Mental & physical well-being;
  • Deeper appreciation and respect for nature.

  • The Stages for Nature Connection

    Overview of each NatureConnect Session

  • Duration: 1.5-2.0 hours
  • Purpose: to experience deep nature connection and renewed perspectives of reality and self
  • Outcomes: deep sense of nature connection, expanded awareness & unity consciousness, expanded sense of self, sense of the sacred
  • Approach: Depth connection is approached using the MAPIN Strategy. MAPIN is an acronym for Mindfulness, Affective relations, depth Perception, Imaginal knowing, Nature immersion. The MAPIN approach is a structured exercise that helps participants shift consciousness and experience an expanded sense of self and awareness of nature

  • Most sessions are structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • BODY activity
  • Mindfulness warming up
  • Mindful walk
  • HEART & MIND connecting activities
  • AFFIRMATION activity
  • Meditation
  • Sharing
  • Return walk