Why connect with nature?

If you're like me, you love going into natural places and chilling out in the beauty and peaceful settings. You see nature, whether it be beaches, forests or mountains, as a refuge, a sanctuary from the stresses and routines of suburban living. I go for walks to unwind and let my overstimulated senses and chattering mind quieten.

Its a relief to let it go but there are days, too many times that I can go for a bushwalk but not connect. I can barely stay attentive to my surrounds. I notice but remain lost in mental chatter and wild imaginings. I fail to engage and relate, the two basic requirements for connecting.

But there are times when I am not only quietened by nature's hush and song but enter into another world of deeply connected consciousness. I may be sitting on a rock overlooking a forest or creek, walking around a headland with a full moon rising over the distant post-sunset blue horizon and immediately feel the emptying of my busy mind. I quickly begin my being into the calmness of the moment. I deeply feel the union with my world, with some great intelligence and knowing of the earth. A deep sense of joy, tranquility and acceptance arises from the connection and feel deeply grateful for being alive and present to the precious moment.

Yet while this experience of profound connection can be felt by most people if the opportunity arises, few can do this intentionally. For the most part people use natural places as a backdrop for socialising, exercising or escaping. This is fine and we get something out of it but it tends to not open the door to transformative experiences.

If you want to experience something deeper, to deal with some painful emotion or mental state, then you cant just leave it to chance or accidental encounters. Its best to cultivate the skills and knowledge to seed and nourish deep connectedness. This is why NatureConnect Program can help - it provides the framework to create your own ritual of connectedness that you can do in your own time and space. It empowers you to take intentional action for connecting and therefore be more in control of experiencing the benefits of connection.