Prose & reflections

Reminders from a foraging honeater

Reminders from a foraging honeater

The honey-eater feeds from a Grevillea offering

I delight from its vibrant famished presencing

It flips and flaps between the purplish, spidery flowers

A state of focused being that empowers

To those who feel vulnerable and lost

In being absent and not being there is a cost.

So my friends take the mindful time out to Be

Co-present your heart and eye to truly see

The sentient intelligent underbelly of all life's forms

In engaging empathically, I am re-born.

A World within a raindrop

A World within a raindrop

The raindrops hold onto Hakea leaves

Reflecting the sky and twisting eucalypt trees

Clinging to outstretched Hakea limbs

Dropping to the gentling breezy rhythms

I peer into the the drops: one, two, perhaps three

Reflecting worlds that oft we do not see.

In this presencing stillness of a Hakea tree

I open up to eternal reflections: what is this me?

Like these drops, I cling to the old

Fear and ego preventing me joining the fold

As I gaze with loving embrace

I re-perceive my self within each drops face.

They reflect a transparent meaning

Only to be interpreted with my presencing being

I see myself in the clinging and releasing

As well as the Divine in compassionate feeling

Each drop of the Divine forms of its own volition

So do I re-form within this loving meditation

The eye of the heart, the eye of the soul

Are gateways to seeing through to the whole

And what is seen, remains unseen

Through the intimate connection I have always been

The Hakea leaves, drumstick cones and eucalypt twistings

Within Nature's embrace are such enduring feelings