Nature-based mindfulness therapy

Like me, I’m sure you are deeply troubled by what’s happening around the world and to our precious world. Trashing of our oceans, pollution of our atmosphere, species extinction, climate change, democratic breakdown, poverty and starvation, existing and potential wars, corporate greed and social inequity…yep the list goes on. Frankly its depressing!

Then of course you and I have our troubles much closer to home, well in fact in our own lives. Too many of us are living with underlying worries and stresses such as financial insecurity, relationship breakdown, the challenges of aging, worries about our kid’s issues or situations, overwhelmed by work, loneliness and fears. Another list that could go on but you know what I mean.

So what does this mean to you? Well a lot but simply it means juggling and struggling with emotions and feelings that threaten to overwhelm. It could be all or some of these: depression, anxiety, sadness, fear, powerlessness, despair, pessimism, anger, rage, despondency and feeling shut down. These responses undermine our lives and wellbeing. So what to do?

I am no counsellor and do not offer specific solutions to your specific situation. I do however offer my NatureConnect programs as a way in which you can create the inner and outer spaces and states of mind to help yourself to deal with life challenges. The power of your mind and heart can help you manage these negative states and create joy and connectedness. Through better coping strategies you can develop greater resilience to withstand the the challenges that you are confronted by. Integrating the power of nature and spiritual insight into this approach increases its effectiveness.

I offer structured programs incorporating mind-body-heart activities in nature based upon my 1) expertise, 2) well known therapeutic activities and 3) my own struggles with difficult mental states. I use these approaches in my daily life and I guide people in these. They work. These programs can help you create the calmness, groundedness and connectedness to manage and let go of painful mental states and destructive and habitual responses and perspectives.

Just connected you may ask. Well through my experience and research I know that one of the fundamental causes of psychological pain and ultimately unwellness is the emotions and feelings arising from profound disconnection, as well as limiting beliefs. The mind – thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories, awareness – is the subconscious facilitator of our life experiences, including our health. A mind of disconnection leads to experiences of disconnection. By disconnection I am casting the net widely to cover all the aspects of our lives – disconnected from:

  • people: family, friends, people, society;
  • nature: green spaces, earth, animals, places of meaning;
  • meaning: existential issues, meaningful relationships, identity;
  • spiritual and transcendent experiences.

  • So here is the nub of my message to you: while ‘negative’ emotions and states of mind are completely natural, especially when being overwhelmed by constant bad news and stresses and fears, you can do something for yourself to positively deal with these in a healthy, sustainable way. One important way is to create rituals of connection to nature that can help you tap into the core of your being and reality. It is through shifting awareness and consciousness that can offer the pathway to not just dealing with overwhelming emotions but to wellbeing and spiritual growth. Click here to read about my NatureConnect approach and programs.