Images of landscapes, skies, life and water

We tend to get the vast majority of our information about our environment through our visual perception. We are visual creatures in the main and this lends itself to using photography to visually explore the environment. Much of my photography is oriented towards capturing interesting patterns and forms of a subject or landscape.

When I am feeling deeply connected I find that I begin to see into and feel more of my surrounds. I find pleasure in seeing and reflecting on the symbolism and metaphor of a scene or subject. It provides me with far greater meaning than aesthetic happy snaps so to speak. On this page there are many happy snaps but also a sprinkling of symbolic images. Most of these images were taken on my phone so are of low to medium quality. Nevertheless they provide a sample of some of the vistas and subjects I have encountered on my walks.

Charles Darwin walk

The Charles Darwin walk in Wentworth Falls extends from the main road to the Jamieson Valley where the falls are located.

Branches symbolising our multi-layered reality

A new day on the Darwin

Peaceful green space within the Darwin refuge

A still pool stills the busy mind

Jamieson Valley

The Jamieson Valley is dominated by the forested undulating valley floor, Mount Solitary in the middle and the surrounding sandstone cliffs.

A setting sun casts long shadows which our eyes look beyond

Three Sisters at dusk with approaching showers

Looking south-east down Jamieson to Kings Tableland

Rock sculpted by the hands of time & weather

Hidden world of the Jamieson

Rock sculpture over the Jamieson

View from the Giant Stair Case

View from Ruined Castle to Narrow Neck

Still life

Looking into the heart of a leaf

Reflecting upon shifting patterns

Hanging over the freedom of spaciousness

An organic living armour that sustains