My writing

Australian WellBeing magazine

I have been writing a variety of articles for Australian Well-Being over the past 4 years. The feature length (2,000 words) articles are:

  • October 2013. Ecopsychology: letting nature heal
  • April 2014. The art of mindful walking: a beginners guide
  • August 2014. The spirit of nature: the benefits of transpersonal experiences within nature
  • June 2014. Nature deficit disorder: encouraging children into the outdoors
  • February 2016. In search of meaning: how are we to connect with our life meaning?
  • October 2016. Nutrigenomics: the strategic approach to fine tuning your diet and wellness
  • April 2017. Take the helm: feeling out of control and overwhelmed? It's time to deal with it
  • October 2017. Connect for your well-being: why feeling connected is good for your health

  • International journal

    Following the award of my Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2010, I wrote a number of articles related to my dissertation on nature connection. All three research articles plus one commentary article were published in the peer reviewed journal, Ecopsychology. The titles were:
  • White, P. (2015). The Hollow Man: reflections on the experience of profound disconnection and its effect on life meaning. Submission to Ecopsychology. March 2015
  • White, P. (2014). Awakening to Our Suffering: A Call for Balance in Ecopsychology. Ecopsychology. March 2014, 6(1): 12-13.
  • White, P. (2013). An Autophenomenographical Investigation of Nature Connection: A Transpersonal Focus. Ecopsychology. December 2013, 5(4): 242-254.
  • White P (2012). Identifying key responses and experiences of nature connection by participants using the MAPIN Strategy. Ecopsychology Volume 4 Number 4. Click here to read
  • White P (2011). A phenomenological self-inquiry into ecological consciousness. Ecopsychology, Volume 3 Number 1. Click here to read
  • Book

    I have published one book and contributed a chapter in another. They are:

  • White P (2012). In the Presence of Nature: a guide for connecting and healing in a climate of change. Booklocker Publishers, Florida, USA
  • White P (2009) ‘Coping with a climate of change: transforming consciousness in nature’. Chapter in ‘Depth Psychology, Disorder & Climate Change’, Jung DownUnder Books, Sydney.
  • I am currently writing a manuscript for a book on the subject of nature connection and its contribution to well-being and meaning within the contexts of personal and global threats and issues.